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Air Conditioning

Hot summer? No sweat. Let one of United Auto Services, Inc. expert mechanics recharge your vehicle with the needed R-134 Freon to keep you cool. Driving in 100+ degree weather is no joyride and can be harmful to your health.

If your A/C is not cold/as cold as it could be, smells of a bad odor (like rotten eggs), noisy or makes a squealing sound when you accelerate your a/c system may be in need of professional attention. We’ll run a diagnostic of your A/C system to see if there are any leaks, a bad compressor or major effects and address it accordingly. If everything checks out, then your car may simply be low on Freon, which we can easily set you up with and have you on your way in a breeze. This process takes no more than 30 minutes, so bring your car to United Auto Service, Inc. today and let us help you beat the heat!

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