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4-wheel alignment cost starts at $60. With 3 alignment lift racks at United Auto Service, Inc., there’s hardly any wait time. Your time is valuable, so we get you in and out ASAP!

If your vehicle pulls to one side either left or right while in motion trying to go straight, has uneven or excessive tire wear or the steering wheel is crooked, vibrates or shimmies then it’s time for a wheel alignment. Having to steer slightly left or right in order to go straight may not seem like much of an issue but improperly aligned wheels that go unattended leads to costly consequences.

Improper alignment causes major premature tire wear, which leads to early tire replacement; repeatedly if the alignment is not fixed. With proper wheel alignment thousands of miles can be added to the tire life. The less wear a tire has the less rolling resistance it has, which improves fuel-efficiency, and that means less time at the pump. A front end that pulls to one side is a problem commonly found in wrecked vehicles.

Improper alignment usually occurs little by little over time by going over potholes, driving on rough roads and general wear and tear. Therefore, every 10,000-12,000 miles or at least once a year you should have your tires checked if not for an alignment then for proper tire inflation, wear or balance. Wheel alignments are not a do-it-yourself job, and requires a professional mechanic.


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